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In 2014 199 backpacktivists travelled on 22 summer programs to 7 regions & raised $138, 143.54

Let's exceed that amount in 2015 and support our local partners even more!

Operation Groundswell is dedicated to cultivating a community of globally active and ethical backpackers working to create positive social change with local communities in the developing world.  OG is a collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities where we facilitate programs. 

We are unique in that OG teams hand-deliver the funds raised and develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting will implement on the ground.  

For the purpose of transparency the program fee and community contribution are separated.  All the funds generated from this online fundraising effort will directly support our community and NGO partners on the ground. 

IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit.  As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand. 

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
James Searby $100.00 Ad maiorem Dei gloriam. Serve well, love big.
Tina Vogan $100.00 Proud of you!
Bruce Cada $30.00 Have a great time, and take care
Mozanga Ekwalanga $100.00 Madi, I know you as all of those things but most importantly my best friend! I love you so much and am inspired by you to do better and to help people. You're the greatest, nicest, most caring person I have ever met. I hope you have an amazing time! xoxo
Allison Goetzmann $25.00 Good luck Alicia!! This sounds like an amazing experience! xoxo
Kara Haas $50.00
Emanuela Cundari $50.00 Good Luck Alicia!
Anonymous Donor $120.00
Daniel Contardi $25.00
Simran Riyait $50.00 Love supporting a great cause. You are a brave woman!
Jackie Cundari $50.00 you are awesome ! x
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Adrian Battiston $50.00 Pay it forward...
Jeff Vogan $250.00 Ali you are awesome!
Rebecca Abreu $10.00 You are such an awesome girl. Keep on committing these BIG acts of kindness!! xo
Jessica Brown $10.00 You go girl! I love your passion to make a difference! I hope this is a trip of a lifetime! xoxo <3 :)
Tara Pickering $50.00 Love ya big boy, have fun !!
Leah Feor $10.00 Congratulations on taking a big step forward! Are you in love with your life?? Safe travels Emma!
ashaunti hogan $10.00 Good work Madi!
Steph Mollenhauer $25.00 So jealous! Have the best time Syd!
Jill Brandon $100.00
Chad Reid $25.00
Natalie Festa $50.00 Keep killin' it!
Becky Pater $50.00
Muneeb Chaudhary $25.00 Good luck! You're going to have an amazing time. :)
Randy Lockwood $100.00
Susan Lacroix $100.00
Lillian Lockwood $100.00
Kathryn Shields $50.00 YOU GO GIRL
Brandon Charlebois $50.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Good luck Emma!
Caroline Kovacs $10.00
Graeme Jones $50.00 Sounds awesome! Have a blast
Fajah Neeson $200.00 Be careful. Don't make me use my particular set of skills...
John W W J SMITH $100.00
Audrey/Les Barrett $50.00 Awesome Adventure for you!
Chantale Taillon $50.00 Congratulations! really a fantastic effort! You are your mother's pride for sure :-)
Shirley King $100.00 Jessica, you are an amazing young woman, truly inspirational!
Judy & Larry Hesse $200.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Hi Maddie! I wish you all the best and be successful of what you will do there. Enjoy and have yourself a memorable experience . Cheers! Support you all the way!
Linn Moni Peter part of the family $25.00
Cael Sullivan $25.00
Fern Nielsen $100.00
Sandy and Darcy $100.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00 Good Luck!
maureen and rick rodrigue $100.00
Kathy Nielsen $50.00
Allie W $5.00
Justin D'Astous $25.00
Sheila Cecereu $50.00 WOW! So proud of you Kirsten!
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