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In 2014 199 backpacktivists travelled on 22 summer programs to 7 regions & raised $138, 143.54

Let's exceed that amount in 2015 and support our local partners even more!

Operation Groundswell is dedicated to cultivating a community of globally active and ethical backpackers working to create positive social change with local communities in the developing world.  OG is a collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities where we facilitate programs. 

We are unique in that OG teams hand-deliver the funds raised and develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting will implement on the ground.  

For the purpose of transparency the program fee and community contribution are separated.  All the funds generated from this online fundraising effort will directly support our community and NGO partners on the ground. 

IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit.  As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand. 

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $750.00 Thanks to the help of all my friends and family I have reached 750.00 and almost my full goal of $800.00 thanks everyone
Raymond Boulos $50.00
David Lehtinen $25.00 Pat an elephent for me!!!!
Chad Tremblay $25.00 Best of luck and wishes on the trip Shivé! Hope to see you in the near future mate!!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Maria Tassone & Tyler Raynard $30.00 Way to go Brynn! It will be the experience of a lifetime, enjoy every minute!
Colin Stewart $25.00 Glad to donate to a good cause.
Tom & Tanz Owen $200.00 Way to go Brynn!!!
Sabrina Boutin $50.00
Jenn McPhail $50.00 Enjoy your time overseas Brynn!
Renee Sissons $75.00 ??????
Debbie Kam $50.00 Good luck Brynn
Drew Eckhardt $20.00 Be safe and have fun!
Anonymous Donor $26.46 Good luck!!
Antonio Algara $50.00
Renee O'Neal $25.00 Congratulations, more to come later.
Vicki Holmes $25.00 What a great Opportunity
Theresa Briel $25.00 Please have your Mom post photos of your adventures, I'd love to see them!
Various Donors $1014.00 The collective sum of all cash and cheque donors.
Michael Bayer $25.00
Sevag Bekeredjian $50.00 YOU GO GURL !!!!!! Mmmhhhmmmm
Anonymous Donor $150.00
Anonymous Donor $200.00 Wish we could come with you!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Keep learning something new every day!
Susie & Glenn Wight $100.00 Good on you for doing this Tanya. Safe travels.
Anonymous Donor $750.00
Gabriela Lopez $750.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 So proud of you for participating in this opportunity.
Caitlin MacDonald $175.00 $100 From Brittany Mennie $50 From Grandma and Grandpa $25 From Kristen
Anonymous Donor $750.00 All cash donations from garage sale, family and friends!
Ritamarie Smedile $70.00 Excited for you!! Proud of you!! Wish I was going with you!! ?????????????????? Be safe!! Be present!!
Laura and Hong Bass $50.00 Hi Nina, Congrats on your recent graduation! Have a great time in Peru and take care.
Anonymous Donor $236.00
Bruce & Betsy Baumgart $50.00 Have a wonderful trip!!!
Anonymous Donor $150.00
carolina walls $150.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Better be some good stories
Anonymous Donor $750.00
Renevon Gison $60.00 Jasmine! I know you reached your goal but I wanted to donate and support in your ventures. I am proud of you and I love you so very much. Be safe and God bless babygirl.
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anonymous Donor $550.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Enjoy the journey, make it count!
Anonymous Donor $150.00
Niki Gellner $14.52 A little love from PLS
Anonymous Donor $200.00
Sooraj Kumar $25.00 Best wishes!!
Anonymous Donor $750.00
Anonymous Donor $750.00
everardo and grace acosta $100.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
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