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In 2013, 171 participants travelled on 19 trips to 8 regions & raised $181,815

Lets go beyond that amount in 2014 and support our local partners even more!

The foundation of Operation Groundswell is to build and cultivate a community of globally active and committed backpackers working to create positive social change in youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, education, health, and more with local communities in the developing world. Far different from just a business focused on sustaining itself, OG is an collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities that we run programs in. As such, OG is unique for not only having the ability to hand-deliver the funds raised, but also can develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting with your donation can see to fruition. In an effort to be radically transparent, we have separated our program fee from our community contribution - all funds generated from this fundraising effort goes directly to support the amazing non-governmental organizations and charities we are partnered up with on the ground.

To fundraise for their community contribution, all program participants have been asked to set up a personal pledge page, which allows their friends, family and interested donors to securely send funds via Paypal (all major credit cards accepted).

*IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit. As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Becky Crichton $20.00 So proud of you for this Sliz- I know you'll have the most amazing adventure. Love you xx
Martin Klemes $10.00
Stephen Brankstone $100.00 Great work "mini bucket" i am sure you will love this opportunity and it will stay with you forever.
Rachael Sarachman $15.00 So proud of you little bear for taking on such an amazing adventure and cause! I know you will have the most amazing experience and learn so much. More then happy to support you on your journey xo
Danielle Crawford $50.00 adventure is out there, im glad you're finding it. goodluck lizzard :)
Tayler Millar $50.00 What an amazing opportunity E! Have fun, be safe and can't wait to hear all about it! Xo
Pamela Saikaly $20.00 So proud of you Liz!!! This is an amazing experience and I am so happy and excited for you to have such an awesome life changing opportunity xox
Erin Messaros $10.00 proud of you gbig xoxo
Alexis Ferrier $15.00 Good luck grandbiggie, this will be the coolest experience xoxo
Olivia Clement $10.00 So proud of you for doing this Liz!
Rebecca Rauws $20.00 Have so much fun Liz!! I loved my OG trip!
Rebecca Harrison $10.00
Chris Somerville $50.00 This is a great initiative. Good work Brandon.
Neil & Gail Purser $100.00 Hope you enjoy the experience. Take Care and travel safely.
Lauren Skeen $50.00 Go Brandon we're proud of you
Heather Johnston $50.00
Sally Jones $50.00
douglas lazickirk $25.00 Good Luck with it all
Richard Stehn $100.00 Good Luck Em!!
Liz Bohnen $18.00
Anonymous Donor $316.00 Late Donations to Alex: $106 Steeped Tea Fundraiser $40 Grandpa $20 Jinnie $150 Laura A Thank you!!!
Shelley Glazer $25.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Good for you Lindsay!
Andrew & Lida Andrew & Lida $50.00 Good luck and enjoy!
Dave and Les Weekes $500.00
Bernadette Lonergan $100.00
Valerie Bowman $100.00 Good Luck & Safe travels on yet another adventure for your amazing summer of 2014
Mike Casas $100.00
Elley Ray $50.00 Love you????
Karen Galpern $50.00
David Amato $100.00
Rick Sutin $100.00
Mark Convery $100.00
Sarah Harari $50.00 Have an amazing trip, Annie and come back and tell us all about it!
Tony Reyes $100.00
Caity, Lindsay, Carol and Paul Neal $300.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00 We really admire you Annie! Soak in every minute! No pun intended. :) We live you!
Laura Frise $20.00 So proud of you, Tanvi!!
Kim Schultz $100.00 Enjoy this amazing adventure
Anonymous Donor $30.00
Siddharth Uttam $25.00 Make it rain on them hoes!
Leslie Hauser and Karl Wuesthoff $100.00 We wish you all the best on your journey and know you will touch many lives in your work in an exceptionally positive way. We look foward to hearing all about it -throughout the year and when you return!
Fiona Quay $25.00
Robert Lindquist $50.00
Micheline Greco $490.00
Bob and Laura Dinse-Anderko $100.00 Woohoo! You go girl! Lots of love
Anonymous Donor $750.00
Anonymous Donor $500.00
Marc D $25.00
Dietron Tool and Die Scarborough $400.00
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