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In 2014 199 backpacktivists travelled on 22 summer programs to 7 regions & raised $138, 143.54

Let's exceed that amount in 2015 and support our local partners even more!

Operation Groundswell is dedicated to cultivating a community of globally active and ethical backpackers working to create positive social change with local communities in the developing world.  OG is a collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities where we facilitate programs. 

We are unique in that OG teams hand-deliver the funds raised and develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting will implement on the ground.  

For the purpose of transparency the program fee and community contribution are separated.  All the funds generated from this online fundraising effort will directly support our community and NGO partners on the ground. 

IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit.  As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand. 

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Curt Austin $50.00 Friend of Robert's.
Marie-Josee Le Jour $100.00 Small token of appreciation for someone who embodies the true meaning of student-athlete, community engagement, and giving back. Stay awesome Darnell! Coach MJ
Tania Cyr $40.00 Because travelling is living the dream and because doing this for a good cause is even better!! I'm proud of you! And I'll be a part of Your trip with my backpack always in You! I LOVE you ginger babe! Xoxoxo
Jennifer Fletcher $200.00 On behalf of your late maternal Grandparents to a Granddaughter who lives her dreams.
Sarah Keresturi $10.00
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Jamie and Yvonne McLaren $25.00 What a great experience Parker! Good for you????????
Mary Ellen MacDonald $65.00 Grow. Have fun. Love Peru! Be safe:)
Lauren Benton $100.00 Sounds like a great project, Emma!
Stephen Dale $50.00 Good Luck and keep up the good work
JANE ROY $25.00 Amazing initiative for a life-changing experience Tyler!!
Janet Brenchley-Krug $50.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Katie Stegemoeller $100.00 Maddie, I am so excited for you, and happy I'll be around to hear your stories when you get home. Have fun, do good work, and make some memories!
Heather Bryson $25.00
Diane Batley $100.00 I am so proud of you! Go girl, and empower women and yourself!
Amicia O'Sullivan $100.00 Joanna, as your faux gramma, I want you to stay home and be safe, have a garden and raise wonderful golden retrievers... and maybe when you retire you will... In the meantime I love that you are a true helper, traveler, adventurer and 'doer' for the wo
Anonymous Donor $230.00
Robyn Knott $25.00 Way To Go Nikki!!!!We are all so proud of you!
Jo Comparelli $25.00 Bon Voyage Amy!!!
Patrick Windle $100.00 Safe travels.
Anonymous Donor $18.00 Wahooo, you're amazing and I'm sure you'll do great things in Peru. Can't wait to hear more about the project!
Jenille B. $50.00 So proud of you!!!
Angela Leigh $25.00 Have a blast Sloan! You're a good man. Love you! xoxo
Jeanne McHeffey $25.00
Leanne Mackenzie $25.00 good luck nikki!!
Pat MacKinnon $50.00 I hope you have a wonderful trip, Stacey!
Andrea Sylvia $50.00 I admire your guts girlie!! Go get 'em!
Randy McCrae $100.00
Elaine and John Gunn $100.00
Jordan Fabrikant $50.00 Have a great trip!
Karen, Kyle & Arlo Lange $30.00 So proud of you Emma! Go do good things!
Ellen Fabrikant $50.00 Best of luck in your endeavor!
Andrea Williams $100.00 What a great summer project, Emma!
Melissa Kraft $100.00 You've chosen a great summer path -- can't wait to hear about your work!
Susan Jewett $100.00
Erin Duffy $50.00 Tickled to be the first one here! So proud of you, Maddie. Send us a postcard. :) xoxo
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anthony Nahas $50.00
Lynn Kelly $100.00 We support your work Emma!
Mason the majestic $10.00 don't die by yeti attacks, I wanna hear about the travels after
Kim Keuhl $40.00
Susan Davidoff $175.00 Thrilled to be able to help you with this project. Have an amazing trip. Post photos!!
Dashh Wilson $50.00 Love you girl! Hope you have a blast!
Brianna Canale $25.00 Proud of your loving ang giving heart jasmine!
Marion Glumac $100.00
Michael margulies $100.00 good luck Isabel from the margulies family We love you
Leanne Piper $50.00 Paula, have a great adventure! Machu Picchu is a must!
Linda J. $25.00
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