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In 2014 199 backpacktivists travelled on 22 summer programs to 7 regions & raised $138, 143.54

Let's exceed that amount in 2015 and support our local partners even more!

Operation Groundswell is dedicated to cultivating a community of globally active and ethical backpackers working to create positive social change with local communities in the developing world.  OG is a collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities where we facilitate programs. 

We are unique in that OG teams hand-deliver the funds raised and develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting will implement on the ground.  

For the purpose of transparency the program fee and community contribution are separated.  All the funds generated from this online fundraising effort will directly support our community and NGO partners on the ground. 

IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit.  As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand. 

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Hugh and Nancy Jackson $50.00
Mc Napkin $25.00
Karen Brodie $20.00
Beth Robbins $20.00 Have the best time!! Go change lives :)
Taylor Kelly $50.00 Love you bud, hope you get everything you need!
Karen Milne $50.00
Nancy Carter $100.00 Evelyn, you are awesome! We are super proud of what you are doing. xoxo Nancy, Pat & Emily
Brenda Bursey $50.00 Will miss you Nik!!
Casino Lottery Group $20.00 It would be nice if we could win the lottery before you go and we would cover your whole trip!! Good Luck to you
James Landrie $25.00 I didnt even know about this till i just got the email 10 minutes ago, i hope you have a lot of fun Ashley
Darcy Murray $100.00 Have a great trip and experience in Peru.
Aaron Emberson $350.00 Wow Maddie! This is wonderful! Keep following your heart and doing what matters! :) Where do I sign up for email updates?! :) Peace and love.
Amanda York $200.00 This is so perfect for you Ash! You go girl! XO
Elias Dogantzis $15.00
Irene Thiessen $100.00
Lauren Emberson $100.00 I can't wait to hear about all of your experiences abroad, and about the people you'll meet during your time volunteering. xo
Cindy Lockwood $50.00 Evelyn you are such a fine example of a " global citizen" so happy to be able to support you on your adventure.
The parents m & d $150.00
N K $75.00 <3
Kaczmarek Family kaczmarek $50.00
Ashlee Houchen $50.00 Think of me!!
Shazia Sharda $100.00 how interesting and cool!
Kelly Lucas $25.00
Jany and Max Chen $100.00 What an awesome trip! That's inspirational to travel with a purpose and help these organizations. Hopefully we can see you after your trip and hear all about it! You need to come to Dallas when Kevin is here!
Brian Carter $100.00
rod yeomans $50.00
Janet MacLeod $50.00
Ali Matthews $100.00 I think this will Peru-ve to be an unforgettable trip!
Kathy Morgan $25.00 What an amazing opportunity and adventure!
Patricia Nagaoka $100.00 Wow! It is going to be an amazing experience! Good luck!
Rosalind Murray $100.00 Sounds incredible! xo
Joel Dinan $250.00 Seeing as you have no plans on coming back to Sudbury and when you did visit you had other priorities I felt that is could be a going away present of sorts. Sorry this isn't as much as i wanted to donate but my spending funds are very low due to loans.
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Irene Giannone $25.00
Mikaela Zaffino $25.00 Peru sounds awesome! I hope you have fun :D
Susan Ouellet $100.00
martin murray $100.00
Olivia Murray $50.00 I'm very excited for you!!! You go girl!
Daniel Longo $50.00
Hona Huber $25.00
Christine Murray $10.00
neil and kate Raven Devlin $50.00 Love your spirit! Safe travels Shailee. Best Always, Kate and Neil
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Lynden Gibson $50.00
Sonya Lee $100.00 Way to go Celina! What a great thing you're doing!
Lyanne Ruest $25.00 Have a wonderful trip Micaela!
Kristjan Naelapea $55.00
Jordan Spear $50.00
Luke Russo $25.00 Hope you have an amazing time!! Xx
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