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In 2013, 171 participants travelled on 19 trips to 8 regions & raised $181,815

Lets go beyond that amount in 2014 and support our local partners even more!

The foundation of Operation Groundswell is to build and cultivate a community of globally active and committed backpackers working to create positive social change in youth empowerment, environmental sustainability, education, health, and more with local communities in the developing world. Far different from just a business focused on sustaining itself, OG is an collaborative organization that lives, breathes, and learns with the communities that we run programs in. As such, OG is unique for not only having the ability to hand-deliver the funds raised, but also can develop tangible projects that the participant you are supporting with your donation can see to fruition. In an effort to be radically transparent, we have separated our program fee from our community contribution - all funds generated from this fundraising effort goes directly to support the amazing non-governmental organizations and charities we are partnered up with on the ground.

To fundraise for their community contribution, all program participants have been asked to set up a personal pledge page, which allows their friends, family and interested donors to securely send funds via Paypal (all major credit cards accepted).

*IMPORTANT: Operation Groundswell is currently a registered non-profit. As such, we cannot offer tax receipts at this time and hope all donors understand.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Ian Roorda $5.00
Eileen Averill $50.00 Have a fabulous trip and be safe.
Savannah Moore $75.00 YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!
Taylor Suderman $50.00
Claire Signs $25.00 So proud of you!! Be safe:)
Stephanie Nguyen $25.00
Carol & Peter Hondros $50.00 So proud of you! Have a great time! XoxoxoX
olivia sanchez $25.00
Jenny Peng $25.00 GOOD LUCK RACHEL!!! :) I hope you have an amazing trip!
Richard Kiteley $250.00
Robin Falci $28.78 Stacey Stacey is the best! She is better than the rest!
Kathleen Potter $25.00 GET IT GIRL!!! <3
Sara Wright $100.00
Carly Botero $20.00 You go girl :)
Anonymous Donor $30.00
Bob MacMullen $50.00 Enjoy the experience
Carly Goldberg $75.00 WOOOO LOVE YOU!
Susan Iatonna $100.00 Declan, Mia, Clayton and I wish you good luck and safe travels!
Brian Signs $50.00 I'm so proud of you! I'm glad I could help!
Andre L $25.00
Ana and Arthur Guimaraes $100.00 Muchisima suerte Regina, que Dios te bendiga!!! we are proud!!!
Barry Hammell $50.00 Happy to help you with your goals
Meghan Sierocinski $25.00 Best wishes and have fun! Live it up girl! I still remember those few practices we had together, best of luck to you!
Roshaan S $50.00
Dani Rosati $10.00 Can't wait to hear about your adventures :) Keep that passion alive!
Anne Armstrong $50.00 Always so proud of you
Lori Simon $25.00
Regina Korean Catholic Community $100.00 Donation from Regina Korean Catholic Community!
Jangwon Park $20.00 Donation from from Hansol Kim! Thank you for supporting :DD
Jangwon Park $5.00 Donation from my friend, Jenny Lee! Thank you for supporting Jenny!
Carey, Jennifer, Riley and Reed Baker $25.00 Have a wonderful trip. Be safe.
Barbara Amona $25.00 Good luck!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Jill Stairs $50.00
Elaine Stairs $100.00 Great opportunity Lauren, use yoru time wisely
Ian and Linda Smith $100.00 Congratulations Chelsey, good luck, have a safe and fun trip.
Mel P $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Betty Kesner $25.00 I'm proud of you, Zoe. Love B G
Anonymous Donor $150.00 God Bless !!
Quinn Smeaton $25.00
Peter Stalteri $25.00
Derek Desbiens $50.00 Have a blast eh!
Jason Chen $40.00
Kathleen Barera $10.00
Alain Dionne $25.00
Wendy Baldin $100.00 I hope you have the experience of a lifetime, Will. I am so proud of you and can't wait to hear your stories.
Corey, Lisa, Ryder and Jack Pelow $50.00 Best of luck Chelsey
Scott Kirkpatrick $25.00 Sounds like a great cause!
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